Seven Sigma Attendance Management system is the only cloud platform in the world that does realtime integration with all attendance devices types - Biometric, Smart Card, RFID, Facial recognition devices etc. Our universal driver framework supports 120+ hardware devices from vendors across the world. When your device is connected to your LAN, all you have to do is install our software and it automatically detects all time devices on your network and synchronizes the attendance data with Seven Sigma analytic servers. All this in matter of minutes!

When you integrate your existing hardware with Seven Sigma Attendance Management software, you will realize instant benefits of a seamless integration in action.Seven Sigma Attendance system takes away all the pain associated with manual uploads or meddling with your attendance software. Runs in the background silently. Recovers and retrieves logs even after many days of network downtime. Seven Sigma attendance software proactively warns you when devices fail to record swipes or are recording incomplete swipes which is quite a common scenario.

Hardwares and Elements

  • Finger Print Biometric Devices
  • Swipe Cards
  • Hand Punch Devices
  • RFID
  • Facial Recognition Devices



  • Staff profile and logins
  • Web based module for intercommunication
  • Leave details
  • Leave settings – category wise
  • Reporting work / leave / permission
  • Incoming and leaving time settings
  • Employee Rosters
  • Student Time Table
  • Automatic Email notifications
  • Attendance status
  • Leave sanctioning and approval
  • Daily Attendance tracking and analysis
  • RFID card for Staff Attendance
  • Attendance report with different filter option
  • Advance leave report
  • Integrated Biometric Technology with multiple devices for
  • automatic attendance

We’re smart and flexible, and we serve various industries

We customize our services to each specific client, and we train and support our clients based on the regulations and compliance issues specific to their industry. Feel relieved? The industries we serve include:

  • Advertising
  • Automotive Banking & Finance
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Mobile Payment
  • FMCG
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Media